GBA’s Rob Kline Recognized with APWA Iowa Chapter’s Young Leader Award

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Headshot of Rob Kline, winner of the APWA Iowa Chapter Young Leader AwardAt the American Public Works Association (APWA) Iowa Chapter’s Fall Conference, GBA Senior Municipal Engineer Rob Kline was announced as the recipient of the Young Leader Award. Kline has been a member of the GBA team for over ten years and serves as the firm’s West Des Moines office leader.

This recognition is awarded to individuals that show a commitment and potential to grow in their profession and APWA. Kline first became involved in APWA’s Kansas City Metro Chapter 11 years ago while he was working at GBA’s headquarters office in Lenexa, Kansas. During that time, he became more involved in the organization by joining the Chapter Meetings Committee and developing connections with other members.

After Kline moved to Iowa to lead GBA’s West Des Moines office, he joined the Iowa Chapter of APWA. He currently serves on the chapter’s Communications Committee and is responsible for updating its website with events, chapter news and job postings. In addition to his role at GBA, Kline’s involvement in APWA helped him expand his leadership abilities through a variety of opportunities.

“For young members in the industry who want to grow their leadership experience, organizations like APWA are always looking for new people to get involved and share their ideas in the numerous committees, which will carry their organization into the future,” said Kline.

Through Kline’s experiences as an APWA member, he’s been able to grow his passion for public works. As a consultant partnering with public works agencies, Kline works to create solutions in communities across the Midwest. He knows from this role that when public works is done right, it often goes unnoticed. However, when issues like potholes, degrading sidewalks or broken traffic signals arise, the critical nature of public works is displayed. Kline finds that supporting these communities and helping them solve problems is rewarding. As a member of APWA, he’s been able to expand his knowledge of public works through conferences, educational opportunities and most importantly, networking with other industry professionals.

“The greatest benefit I’ve gotten from my APWA membership is the network of people you build through joining committees and attending meetings,” said Kline. “You have lots of opportunities to meet others from your chapter who you work with regularly, as well as members across the world at special events. Meeting these individuals allows you to learn about different challenges they run into in their community, and new ideas they use to solve their challenges.”

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