Traffic Engineering

We have an experienced team of traffic engineers and transportation facility planners and designers. Our specialists assist clients in the planning and designing of safe and efficient traffic systems, including:

Traffic Studies
  • Traffic impact and access studies
  • Traffic noise studies
  • Vehicle classification counts
  • Traffic counting capability
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Break-in access studies
  • Corridor studies
  • Parking accumulation studies
  • Noise modeling/studies


Traffic Modeling
  • Computer modeling and analysis
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Traffic Simulation Modeling


Traffic Design
  • Traffic calming design
  • Intersection safety and operations
  • Parking and terminal facility design
  • Construction traffic control
  • Parking Facility Design
  • Bicycle Facility Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic Design
  • Connected Vehicles


Signalization and Lighting
  • Roadway and exterior lighting
  • Street lighting design
  • Traffic signal optimization
  • Transportation planning
  • Asset management (signing, lighting, pavement)