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Elevating Customer Experience

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Project Overview

A Telecommunication Clients Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Colorado Springs underwent a significant transformation orchestrated by GBA Builders to meet the evolving needs of its workforce and enhance the workspace. This project aimed to revitalize the existing customer experience center by enhancing the reception area and company store and introducing new mother’s room spaces and a yoga room. Additionally, the project elevated the workspace environment with new murals and wall graphics.


Project Scope & Innovations:

GBA Builders facilitated the creation of a mural featuring a scenic snowy mountain and ski lift. To augment this artwork, a local contractor skillfully installed a partial ski lift, blending it with the mural, fostering a unique and immersive atmosphere. The introduction of finished wood trim and a live plant wall in the yoga room exemplifies the project’s commitment to infusing creativity and vitality into the workspace.


Challenges & Solutions:

Operating within an active customer experience center environment presented the team with significant challenges. The center operated daily until 9 p.m.; the project work could not interrupt daily customer calls. GBA Builders navigated these constraints by creating a phasing plan to isolate the work in different areas and scheduling overnight work to minimize disruption to ongoing operations.


Community Impact & Collaboration:

The project fostered collaboration with local subcontractors, stimulating economic growth in the Colorado Springs and Denver markets. The project was managed by the local GBA Builders team in our Broomfield, CO office and members of the GBA Builders team in Lenexa, KS. Consistent communication and late afternoon meetings to allow superintendents to join while working the night shift were the keys to success. The revitalized workspace enhances the daily lives of the company’s staff and contributes to the vibrancy of the local community.

Nationwide Telecommunications Provider
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