Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a fast-growing, ever-changing technology that GBA leverages to improve project management and decision-making for our clients by providing real-time actionable insights. We employ the latest GIS technology to inventory, organize and review asset information, as well as access, analyze, visualize and communicate project data, status and progress to our clients. GBA’s GIS staff partners with clients and in-house subject matter experts to develop actionable intelligence and create innovative solutions. At GBA, teamwork is the key to our success.

As a Bronze member of the ESRI Partner Network, GBA is well-positioned to offer the solutions you need where and when you need them.

GIS Services

  • Asset management
  • Subsurface asset and facility mapping
  • Geospatial data collection and database development
  • Web GIS maps, apps, dashboards and hub development for data visualization and collection
  • Data analytics and scripting
  • GIS/CAD/BIM integration
  • Aerial mapping
  • LiDAR
  • Photogrammetry


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