Building Systems Commissioning

We don’t just observe symptoms; we diagnose the problems and provide the solutions that make your facility work.

Undertaking the construction of a new facility or retrofitting an existing one can be highly burdensome for clients. The complexity of today’s building systems makes it nearly impossible for contractors and designers to deliver a facility that works. Our engineers are building systems experts, making facilities work for clients through a formal commissioning process.

Our primary focus is finding and correcting problems to provide a facility that works properly and meets the users’ needs. We provide professional engineering experts in each building system discipline, with design, construction and testing experience required to perform testing and troubleshooting tasks. This includes mechanical, electrical, controls and fire protection engineers.

Our engineers perform a hands-on method of testing, allowing the commissioning agent to become the agent for problem resolution instead of just an agent for failed testing identification.


Solutions & Offers
Commissioning plan
Manufacturer's Startup
Installation Verification Certification (IVC)
Operational Performance Testing (OPT)
Functional Performance Testing (FPT)
Integrated Systems Testing (IST)
Acceptance Testing (Electrical)
TAB Verification (Mechanical)
Deficiency Tracking & Retesting (Action Items)
O&M Manual Review
O&M manual review