3 Benefits to a Career in Construction

Choosing a career can be an intimidating task. In today’s society, the pressure to decide begins at an early age and can often be overwhelming. Finding a job that allows you to create positive change in the community is one worth recognizing. With more than, 7 million employees, the construction industry offers a myriad of activities in a fast paced environment. Improving the lives of others from project conception to completion.

Why Choose Construction:

1. Myriad of Options

The construction industry offers a wide range of careers options with each day being different than the one before. With roles in the office or in the field, the choice belongs to the employee.

With the industry being so wide and varied, individuals can start after graduation – college, trade school or immediately after high school. With or without a degree, most seasoned professionals will give the advice to gain as much experience as possible to find your passion.

It’s important to note: All skill levels are welcome. Whether you are fresh out of school or decide to switch careers, there will always be a place for you in the industry.

2. Leadership Opportunities

With hard work and dedication, the opportunities to advance and lead are available. As individuals increase their skills and gain experience, they are rewarded unlike other industries. This unique growth allows for a lifelong occupation.

A common way young individuals gain the soft and hard skills needed to obtain a leadership position is by having a mentor. Formal/informal mentorships are frequent across disciplines, with those in established positions helping others navigate the challenges in the industry. Their goal is to train those entering the industry and help them gain the confidence needed to succeed. Mentors also attain skills such as communication and coaching which aid their careers. This connection can last the lengths of individual’s career.

3. Sense of Accomplishment

Following a project from conception to closeout can be extremely rewarding. Construction creates lasting change for generations to come. Whether the project is large or small, the positive impact on those using the end product is always satisfying.

At GBA Builders our staff is comprised of expert project managers, assistant project managers, estimators, project coordinators, superintendents, field engineers, and construction specialists. Each role is integral to our projects’ success and overall company performance. In a constantly evolving industry, our company is dedicated to building the success of our clients.

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