Delivering clean, safe and reliable water systems

Regulations governing water environments are changing nearly as fast as the solutions and technology available to achieve them. Fortunately, municipalities and private organizations don’t have to adapt on their own. GBA has more than 50 years of experience in guiding public and private clients to solutions that ensure clean, safe, and healthy water environments.

Our water environment services are based on informed decisions and proven approaches, as we navigate solutions for natural waterways, new and aging infrastructure, and modern facilities. Because of this, our integrated team of professionals thrive on solving challenges for complex projects, from system master planning through capital project planning/programming/financing, asset management, system design, construction observation, commissioning, and final acceptance. Additionally, this experience, paired with our progressive technology and affiliate partners, ensures that data-backed solutions work within your site, schedule, and budget constraints.

Water Environment Services

Master Planning

Backed by data and turnkey capabilities, GBA conducts comprehensive needs evaluations that help municipalities develop flexible solutions that account for future growth and protection of surrounding waterways.

Preliminary Engineering

No matter the type of system you need, GBA delivers sound engineering solutions that best balance the use of long-lasting materials, energy-efficient processes, and low-maintenance equipment.


GBA’s comprehensive approach to system designs comply with the latest regulatory updates, industry best practices, innovative technologies, and your toughest demands.

Construction Phase Services

Our trained and certified staff provide the construction phase services with knowledgeable personnel to keep construction projects on point protecting you and your investment.


GBA has expertise in all areas of treatment for wastewater systems. This includes flow monitoring and modeling, to gravity sewers, pump stations, force mains, and complete treatment plant rehabilitation.

Water Distribution

GBA provides comprehensive solutions for water main replacement and extensions, from modeling and studies through the development of elevated and ground storage facilities, pumping facilities, distribution systems, and raw-water systems.

Storm and Sanitary Sewer

We provide inspections and testing to evaluate systems. Our analyses produce designs for gravity sewer rehabilitation, channel restorations, pump stations and force main enhancements that result in renewed conveyance collection systems.

Environmental Compliance/Permitting

Our specialists work in close partnership with federal, state, and local agencies to keep projects on schedule and in compliance with all regulations and best practices in place to protect the earth’s natural resources.

Water Environment Affiliates
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