Asset Management & Reliability

Managing assets, whether it is an industrial facility or municipal infrastructure, is a complex task with many moving parts. GBA understands this and why it’s so important to maximize productivity and reliability of assets. Repairing or replacing aged equipment and infrastructure is disruptive, costly and sometimes difficult to manage. GBA can ease those complications by providing asset management and reliability (AMR) services to help you become proactively driven rather than reactionary.

A successful asset management program’s three biggest goals are to establish a comprehensive inventory of assets and data, set parameters for assigning work for rehabilitation and repair projects, and rank assets based on assessment of risk and level. GBA meets these goals through our range of services and expertise.

  • On-Site Asset Audits
  • On-Site Criticality Analysis and Risk Assessments
  • Maintenance Classification Support
  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • CMMS and GIS Implementation Support
  • Change Control and SOP Development Support
  • Commissioning Planning and Start-Up Execution
  • Decommissioning Planning and Execution
  • Spares Determination and Inventory Management
  • Estimating replacement costs for capital improvement planning
Project Experience
  • Utilized a GIS application for the design, observation and record keeping of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County’s annual sanitary and storm sewer repairs
  • Delivered bridge inspection and inventory reports in GIS format to the Kansas Department of Transportation
  • Performed a pavement condition inventory of 2,400 street segments for the City of Lenexa, Kansas, and uploaded data to the Lucity Pavement Management software
  • Evaluated and inventoried 2,243 traffic signs and hundreds of street lights for the City of Mission, Kansas, using asset management software

GBA has the expertise, staff and capabilities to assist in managing assets. We are experts in accurate, timely assessments that take the guessing and need for emergency service out of the picture. From our field staff, experienced asset data collection and inventory, to our technical staff that can provide accurate, useful analysis; we are well suited to provide you a turn-key solution. Turning a complicated management process into an easy to use tool is our specialty.