Asset Management & Reliability

Asset Management is the management of municipal infrastructure assets to provide a desired level of service at an acceptable level of risk for the lowest life cycle cost. GBA’s Municipal Services group brings together experienced municipal management and engineering professionals to assist clients in designing, developing, and implementing scalable Asset Management solutions.

Entities employing Asset Management principles have a comprehensive understanding of their asset inventory and condition, are proactive, not reactive, do the right project at the right time, develop sound and defensible budgets and capital improvement plans, have better regulatory compliance, and instill trust in their governing bodies and citizens.

From our field staff, experienced in asset data collection and inventory, to our technical staff that can provide accurate, useful analysis; we are well suited to provide a scalable, turn-key solution. Our specialty is turning a complicated management process into an easy-to-use and maintained tool.

Asset Management Infographic

Offers & Services
Strategic Asset Management Plan Development (SAMP)
Asset Management Maturity Assessments
Asset Inventory & Hierarchy
Asset Mapping
Asset Condition & Risk Assessments
Business Case Evaluations
Replacement & Rehabilitation Scenario Modeling
Life-Cycle Costing
Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
Asset Management Software
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