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Unlocking Project Potential with GBA’s Surveying Solutions

Moving your project from design into development depends upon the timely delivery of accurate data. This is where GBA stands apart. Our team pairs advanced surveying technology solutions with prompt, attentive service to deliver the data upon which our public and private clients rely.

Our roots were formed by successfully performing survey services, and for more than 50 years, we have served as a nationwide resource for projects of all sizes. While we’ve earned a reputation for providing innovative services to large, complex projects, our professionals provide the same unmatchable level of service no matter the project size. Our staff is licensed in six states Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.

This versatility is supported in part by a powerful array of in-house surveying technology. Our crews are equipped with off-road vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles to reduce downtime. These mobile units come outfitted with the most advanced LiDAR units and scanning stations on the market. Having these powerful options at our disposal allows our team of experts to easily adapt to the field. The result is reliable base mapping, documentation and resources that simplify future asset management and development.

Survey Markets and Services

Department of Transportation

Our group has extensive experience in bridge, roadway and highway survey projects for transportation departments in various states. Primarily providing design surveys, right-of-way surveys, land acquisition surveys and traffic surveys. The team is highly qualified in completing full support, including but not limited to, aerial LiDAR, mobile LiDAR, terrestrial scanning, creek and river bathymetric acquisitions, property boundary, alignment and right-of-way determination sign asset locations and pavement striping collections.

GBA is KDOT pre-qualified in categories 301 Land Surveying, 302 Engineering Surveying and 336 Right-of-Way Services and MoDOT pre-certified in surveying for all districts.


GBA offers a wide variety of LiDAR collection capabilities, from Aerial LiDAR and Photogrammetry to Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning to Mobile LiDAR. The team can quickly and safely collect LiDAR data for an array of projects. With Aerial scanning, topography data can be collected in remote and heavily vegetated areas quickly and accurately, and with the addition of Photogrammetry, can create some breathtaking 3D models. Terrestrial scanning can offer highly detailed 3D data in some hard-to-reach areas, both indoors and outdoors. Mobile LiDAR capabilities can be used to help collect data in large heavily traveled road projects quickly, accurately and much safer than traditional surveying. GBA’s LiDAR extraction team is highly qualified and efficient in multiple software applications and can provide all necessary data in a variety of deliverable formats.


GBA can provide a multitude of surveying services that support local governmental projects, with experience and success in performing all aspects of infrastructure surveys ranging from roadway design, environmental projects, utility location and coordination, wastewater treatment plants and systems, water treatment plants and systems and easement preparation. GBA’s team utilizes vast survey experience and leadership alongside state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate, efficient and responsive service striving to keep up with the ever-changing survey technology. This includes the latest RTK systems, robotic total stations, digital levels, terrestrial 3D scanners, mobile LiDAR systems, manned and unmanned aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry units that are equipped to handle projects of any size.

Real Estate and Development

GBA has been providing real estate surveying services for over five decades. GBA excels in helping clients through all aspects of the development and real estate transaction process, including the determination of property boundaries, ALTA/NSPS surveys, subdivision platting, preparation of descriptions and exhibits for easements, property and design topographic and utility surveys for development. The team is equipped with top-grade equipment and resources to ensure challenging schedules are met while maintaining a high level of accuracy. The survey team is uniquely responsive, dependable, innovative and experienced to meet all real estate and development related needs with proven process.

Utility Design

GBA can provide initial research and investigation, topography, conventional survey methods, aerial LiDAR and mapping, preparing topographic base maps and terrain models, boundary and section retracement, property/right-of-way base mapping, utility coordination, potholing coordination and construction staking services. GBA understands the importance of projects being completed on time and on budget while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Whether it is for energy, water, communications, or oil and gas GBA is equipped to provide exceptional service.

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