Creating a better tomorrow is achieved through creating remarkable spaces with an emphasis on safety and function. GBA professionals have over 50 years of experience working closely with owners and end-users across thousands of projects. Our experience as a knowledgeable architecture firm ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.

At the start of every project, GBA assembles a team of professionals and affiliates ready to collaborate and create solutions. By focusing on the project in its entirety, within the boundaries specified by the client, the results are a balance between aesthetic design and practical function, all in alignment with the budget.

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Master Planning
For over 50 years GBA has provided master planning across thousands of projects. GBA architects and engineers specialize in determining the scope, schedule, budget, and resources required for successful completion of the project, as well as identifying potential risks and mitigating strategies.
Programming and Conceptual Design
Programming is the initial phase of architectural design where the needs, requirements, and constraints of a project are gathered, analyzed, and prioritized. GBA specializes in developing a preliminary design solution that integrates our clients' requirements and provides a conceptual framework for the project.
Additions, Renovations, and New Builds
Whether you're starting from scratch or needing renovations or new additions to a space, all three processes require careful planning and coordination of various factors. GBA provides everything a project needs from site analysis, code compliance, design, and construction to ensure successful completion of the project on time and within budget.
Project Management
GBA Project managers are responsible for overseeing the design, engineering, and construction phases of a project, as well as managing budgets, schedules, and personnel. GBA work closely with other members of the AEC team to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the specified quality standards.
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