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Construction Managment

Proactive Construction Management

At GBA Builders, we’re leaders in the construction industry. We’re driven by proactive preconstruction strategies that set the project up for success before shovels hit the ground. This method prevents issues during the construction phase as we partner with your architect to work through the design phase early. Our expertise is powered by cutting-edge technology, resulting in projects delivered on time and within budget.

We adopt a client’s perspective, understanding how initial decisions impact the project’s outcome. We prioritize communication, which is fundamental for successful project execution. With extensive experience in diverse project delivery methods, we customize our approach to align with your unique requirements and risk profile.

Our integrated company of architecture, engineering and construction services allows us to assemble a dedicated team of experts focused on fulfilling your project’s specific needs. From initial planning to execution, we prioritize safety and quality, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

Delivery Methods


Design-build fosters seamless collaboration among construction managers, trade partners and architects, removing communication barriers commonly found in traditional delivery methods. With a shared goal and an early guaranteed maximum price, this approach ensures stability, reducing pricing fluctuations and enabling flexible project phase overlap for efficient timelines without compromising quality.

Our comprehensive design-build services offer a unified team from preconstruction to construction delivery. It promotes singular responsibility, proven resources and quality control across design, construction, cost management and scheduling.

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

CMAR is a collaborative approach where our construction management expertise is pivotal in guiding project owners on budget, cost estimating, scheduling and design decisions. You can make informed decisions throughout the project by engaging GBA Builders as your construction manager at risk. Our involvement in the early stages allows for better coordination, schedule management, cost control, effective trade partner selection and risk management.

Integrated Project Delivery (IDP)

IPD fosters a collaborative approach from inception to completion, catering to intricate and straightforward builds. Its strength lies in cultivating collaboration among diverse teams, ensuring success regardless of project complexity. This method thrives on a robust team committed to collective success, emphasizing open communication and active engagement.

Engineering Procurement Construction Services (EPC)

Our EPC services offer a distinct advantage to project owners. From designing layouts to procuring equipment and overseeing startup and commissioning, our role as an EPC contractor spans concept development, feasibility studies, front-end engineering and design, resulting in comprehensive project support. Remaining vendor-agnostic empowers us to source the optimal equipment for each project. This approach underlines our commitment to delivering trusted turnkey solutions in construction, providing unparalleled support and expertise.

Safety is Our #1 Priority
Safety & Quality are at The Foundation of Every Project
We maintain an EMR below the industry average, implement and maintain zero-tolerance programs for unsafe practices within the workplace and strive for a zero-accident/injury goal. We develop safety procedures early in preconstruction based on your project goals and facility needs.
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Our Guide To Your Project Success


Our preconstruction phase sets the foundation for seamless construction. We focus on early details, empowering owners to make decisions that result in a smooth construction process. Bringing all stakeholders together, we craft a comprehensive management plan guiding the project. Our teams thoroughly evaluate mechanical and structural systems, material procurement, schedule implications and regular engagement with trade partners to ensure quality is of the highest standard. Early informed decisions prevent design rework and late value engineering.

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Your project’s success hinges on a dependable, accurate budget. Our estimators blend technical expertise, construction insight and current market awareness to provide comprehensive estimates, empowering proactive decision-making and ensuring a smooth project journey. Collaborating with our in-house estimators ensures precision even before the project begins.


Our procurement strategies strive for efficiency, reliability and alignment with manufacturing schedules and capital budgets. We can secure the most competitive bids through our strong industry ties and valuable relationships.


Construction is where the vision becomes reality. Our construction phase builds upon the success of meticulous preconstruction strategies. Integrating our construction partners early in preconstruction and maintaining ongoing engagement ensures cohesive leadership and understanding. This consistency fosters a unified team from inception, resulting in a smooth journey from blueprint to completion.

Close Out

Closing out a project is more than just completing construction; it’s about transitioning seamlessly to occupancy. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure a smooth move-in, from final site clean-up to effectively training occupants on utilizing their new space. Our field teams and trade partners, working together throughout construction, ensure efficient schedules, costs, quality and safety management. This collaboration results in enduring facilities with minimal changes during construction and post-construction.

Our Sustainability Commitment

GBA Builders is committed to incorporating sustainability in all our design and construction practices – without compromising process optimization and efficiency.
We employ thoughtful, sustainable designs that benefit health, the environment and our community while reducing operational costs. We have nearly 30 LEED projects completed by our 17 AP-certified leaders at GBA Builders. We complete projects with the environment at the forefront of our decision-making.
GBA Builders understands that each building’s sustainable qualities are a complex blend of material qualities and volumes and how they integrate with the building’s mechanical and architectural elements. The development of a sustainable project is a process that starts at the initial concept and is based on a clear understanding of the site and building throughout its entire life cycle. Successful projects require initiative from the owner, knowledge of sustainability goals, and collaboration by the design and construction team. The outcomes are high-performance buildings that use resources responsibly and are environmentally friendly.

Expertise Across Our Markets
Life Sciences
From laboratories to sterile filling suites, our construction management team employs knowledge gained from years in the field to help our clients meet their critical business objectives. With projects ranging from half a million dollars to $60 million, and within research and development space to production and warehousing, there isn't anything we can't handle.
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Mission Critical
Clients in mission critical environments, like the telecommunications industry, have unique facility needs. Operations must remain uninterrupted and reliable even in the most technically demanding environments. GBA Builders understands the nature of this market and offers a team of construction managers and field experts to address these facilities.
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GBA Builders is a full-service general contractor with a passion for providing exceptional service to our federal clients nationwide. Our team is a leader in new construction, renovation and infrastructure upgrades for our military's army bases, air force bases, veteran's hospitals and numerous other federal installations.
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GBA Builders can manage services for capital improvements and assist in project planning, budgeting, scope definition, design, procurement and scheduling. Our expertise extends to new construction, remodels, and renovations, as well as infrastructure assessments, equipment upgrades, and utility outage consulting.
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GBA Builders can provide design-build management (can we also provide CMR?) for process or manufacturing expansions, including all design disciplines, site, civil, structural, architectural, MEP, and fire. We specialize in replacing and installing equipment with minimal impact on facilities or production.
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