Mission Critical

Maximizing mission critical up-time while minimizing risk

GBA delivers a complete range of integrated solutions to provide the seamless coordination that ensures uninterrupted service when you are ready to take the next step for your mission critical facility.

Our team has decades of experience managing expansions and renovations while maintaining live operations for data center and telecommunication clients. GBA and our affiliates preemptively solves operational challenges by engaging with owners early through project approach and delivery.  Utilizing expertise and operational empathy, we work closely with clients to determine the best solution for risk reduction within budget, schedule and quality expectations. And with our nationwide services, you get the flexible, scalable support needed to achieve your mission.

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Data Center Design and Construction
Best-in-class security focused data centers
From Fortune 500 companies to municipalities and local businesses, GBA mission critical professionals have been providing on-site data storage solutions for over 2 decades.
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Expert telecommunication design and implementation
GBA bridges the gap between telecom and business growth. We keep your business connected through email, instant messaging, video conferencing, VoIP, fax with video, text and more.
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Mission Critical Services

Master Planning

GBA helps companies lay the groundwork for flexible facilities that meet their needs today and into the future.

Architecture Services

GBA designs facilities tailored to help clients grow and maintain planned physical security level. We have proven expertise in managing complex phased renovation designs through a range of delivery methods.

Construction Services

GBA’s construction team has proven expertise in executing projects of all sizes within operational facilities, with a focus on practices that minimize downtime and impact on operations.

Facility Utilization and Optimization

We perform facility audits, assessments, commissioning, electrical studies and arc flash studies that ensure your equipment and operations stay running at peak performance. Coupled with the development and implementation of MOPs, SOPs and ESOPs will keep your team ahead of maintenance.

Mission Critical Safety Upgrades
Multi-site data center safety upgrades
GBA’s Mission Critical Group worked with a national telecommunications provider to visit multiple sites and audit existing data center fire alarm and suppression systems.
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Mission Critical Internal Expansion
Converting 5,000 square feet into an energy efficient data center and office space
GBA provided all architectural and engineering design which involved converting 5,000 square feet of shell space. Construction included a raised floor and expansion of the steel roof platform to accommodate new roof-mounted chillers.
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Mission Critical Affiliates
GBA Builders
GBA Builders is dedicated to building the critical environments common in pharmaceutical, biotech, mission-critical, healthcare, industrial, federal and other regulated or complex industries.
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ViroCon provides qualified engineers and technicians using a hands-on approach to analyze, diagnose and solve problems ensuring mechanical building systems work.
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