GBA has 40 years of design experience with industrial buildings and warehouses. Our work helps organizations optimize processes, enhance existing systems, achieve Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance and streamline production capabilities.

Industrial buildings have unique needs and requirements that many other buildings don’t have, and our team is equipped to provide solutions that maximize productivity and reduce construction costs. We start each project by gaining a thorough understanding of your business processes and product flows. By asking the right questions based on our years of industrial experience, we can fully understand your vision and analyze your site for feasibility. We take safety regulations, spatial requirements and your budget all into consideration when designing a strategic plan for your industrial space.

Our multi-disciplined team of architects, engineers and surveyors provide:
  • Facility master planning services
  • New building and site development through all planning and design phases
  • Renovation or repurposing of existing buildings
  • Existing utility, process and HVAC system review
  • Electrical, power and lighting system studies
  • Manufacturing equipment specifications and purchasing support
  • 3D scanning and modeling of existing industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing efficiency studies
  • Project budgeting and schedule estimates
  • Construction management
Services we provide with partners and consultants:
  • Automation and modernization of equipment
  • Process improvements using lean manufacturing techniques
  • Advanced mechanization
  • Assembly line productivity improvement
  • Auditing for OSHA standards
  • Ergonomic studies for workstations
  • Quality control methods

In addition to these capabilities, our team uses its vast design experience to anticipate the exact type of construction a facility requires. We use this knowledge to navigate considerations of industrial building construction, including minimizing costs to stay within budget, selecting the appropriate contractors and obtaining necessary permits.

Our Industrial Group is ready to help your organization build solutions for a better tomorrow. Let us know how we can collaborate on your facility.