Fire Protection and Life Safety

Our mission is to protect life and valuable assets in the built environment. GBA’s fire protection engineers holistically assess a building’s hazards, compliance strategies and protection measures. We develop integrated, maintainable solutions by working closely with full project teams: designers, code officials, HPR insurers, contractors and end-users. GBA’s fire protection engineering and life safety services span across many markets with a focus on industrial, life sciences and mission critical.

At GBA, our licensed fire protection engineers provide solutions focused on protecting life, assets, property and the continuity of business operations. The GBA team, which is made up of fire protection engineers, certified fire code inspectors and support personnel, are trained and experienced in NFPA codes and standards, model building codes, Factory Mutual fire protection and construction standards, and The Americans with Disabilities Act. They work together to provide support for commercial spaces, data centers, telecom, storage warehouses and manufacturing projects in both new and existing facilities. Learn more by visiting Fire Protection and Life Safety.

Fire Protection and Life Safety Services

  • Evaluations and audits
  • Planning and design
  • Peer review
  • Inspection, testing, and commissioning

System and Hazard Specialties

  • Fire water supply infrastructure: fire pumps, water tanks
  • Fire sprinkler and standpipe
  • Alternative suppression systems: clean agent, water mist
  • Fire alarm, mass notification, and emergency communication
  • Smoke control: smoke venting, exhaust, and pressurization
  • Explosion control: suppression and venting
  • High-piled storage
  • Flammable/combustible liquids
  • Combustible dusts

Fire Protection and Life Safety Head:
Mitchell Waala

Waala Mitchell head of fire safety and protection at GBA.Mitchell is experienced in consulting, design and commissioning. He has served as a fire protection and life safety code consultant, design engineer and commissioning engineer for the evaluation, analysis, design and commissioning of new and existing facilities in occupancies including industrial, pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, telecommunications, data and equipment centers, warehousing and office spaces.

Systems include fire suppression and detection systems, smoke control systems, special hazard evaluations, special suppression, explosion control and corresponding interfaces of other building systems such as security, emergency communications, mass notification and building automation systems.

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