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In today’s cost-conscious and speed-to-market environment, life science manufacturers are looking for strategic partners to provide real value and expertise in engineering, construction, commissioning and validation solutions. GBA Life Sciences has a history of presenting a market-based approach to our clients where our affiliates work independently or together as a single entity to provide turnkey solutions.

Our capabilities and expertise present an attractive opportunity to clients seeking to streamline project delivery and develop stronger partnerships. As a single solution provider, GBA offers a range of solutions, including feasibility studies, site master planning, detailed engineering, construction, retrofits, commissioning and validation.

Solutions & Services

Front-End Planning

From feasibility studies to site master planning, GBA has the expertise to help life sciences companies lay the groundwork for a project that suits their needs today and into the future.

Architectural Services

Exceptional facilities begin with sound planning and good design. At GBA, we depend upon end-user input, leading-edge technology and a risk-based approach to delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of a highly regulated industry.

Structural and MEP Engineering

Our integrated design approach minimizes the challenges that come with coordinating a diverse array of high-performing and specialty systems to deliver the solutions that best meet unique project goals.

Process and Equipment Engineering

Many times, facility design begins with manufacturing processes and equipment. Our firm has a solid understanding of the latest regulatory trends allowing us to optimize and streamline your operations.

Construction Services

Our construction team has proven expertise in executing projects within operational facilities, with a focus on practices that minimize downtime and impact on operations.

Commissioning, Qualification and Validation

GBA has the experience, expertise, and resources to ensure building and laboratory systems and equipment operate at the peak performance for which they were designed as well as providing full Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV) services.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Simplify the complexity of compliance. We help organizations meet quality standards with tailored QA/QC solutions, training, and audits that proactively identify compliance gaps and help support an organization’s quality culture.

Asset and Reliability Management

GBA’s data-backed asset management solutions help life science companies make proactive, risk-mitigating decisions all while reducing the total cost of ownership on equipment maintenance and replacement.


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