Empowering Veterans

GBA's Impactful Support for VCP's Mobile Tour Home

Empowering Veterans: GBA’s Impactful Support for VCP’s Mobile Tour Home

At GBA, we are honored to support Veterans Community Project (VCP). When the opportunity arose to collaborate with VCP to assist with renovating and improving their mobile tour home needs, our employees rose to the occasion. VCP is driven from the heart through community involvement. GBA was proud to donate and install a new generator and enhance the functionality of the stairs on the home. The improvements will significantly impact the lives of those who use the travel home and is our way of expressing gratitude for the sacrifices made by those who have served in the military.

In 2023, in honor of Armed Forces Day on May 20, GBA Builders’ Federal team partnered with Veteran’s Community Project (VCP) to collect and donate hygiene products for local Veterans in need. When the team made their in-person donation, VCP volunteers were able to learn more about GBA. With engineering capabilities, the volunteers began identifying other ways GBA could help

Donation of hygiene products

Visit to VCP Outreach Center


Flash forward to the end of 2023. VCP needed assistance with its mobile tour home. It started with a request to simplify how to use the generator that powered the mobile tour home that was stored on the deck of the mobile home. When they hosted remote events, VCP volunteers would need to move the ~300-pound generator from the back of the trailer to the front and set it on the ground. Then, when the event was over, they’d have to move the heavy equipment back to the deck and secure it for travel. Ideally, they wanted the generator to have a permanent spot mounted to the front of the trailer to save volunteers time, hassle and back problems.

Previous generator

Previous generator storage spot on the deck


After discussions began on how GBA might accommodate VCP’s request, but before any work began, VCP’s gasoline-fueled generator was stolen. GBA jumped into action. In addition to engineering a permanent spot for the generator on the front of the trailer, GBA purchased and donated a brand-new, remote-start generator to replace the stolen one. This also included donating and installing two new propane tanks to fuel the generator.

New generator and propane tanks

As GBA employees began work on the generator project, they identified other areas that needed improvement. Most notably, stair improvements which included repairing tread plates, adding lift assist springs and replacing travel support brackets. Additionally, the team replaced the support brackets for the existing HVAC unit.

Previous, rusted stairs


Previous bracket mounts
Updated stairs, spring mounting, railing & paint


New bracket mounts


Months of relentless dedication and hard work by many skilled individuals culminated on February 8, 2024, when the mobile tour home, with all its upgrades, returned to the Veteran’s Community Project property in Kansas City, MO.

After its first event of the 2024 season, Kristin Griffin, Communications and Events Coordinator for VCP, shared her heartfelt appreciation with GBA. “I can’t tell you what a life-changing and life-saving gift you’ve given us by retrofitting the travel house generator and improving the stairs!”

When members of GBA visited VCP after the event, they saw the profound impact of their work. The appreciation received was heartfelt and genuine. While it may seem like a simple generator relocation and fixed stairs, the reality is that these improvements had a transformative effect on VCP. It was truly life-changing!

VCP operates without government funding, relying on the generosity of volunteers and donors. Please visit their website if you would like to learn more. There are numerous ways to help!

Our sincere thanks to all the GBA team members who assisted with the VCP generator project:

• Tony Hertel
• Stephen McGowan
• Paul Oberlechner
• Garrett Blanchard
• Lucy Brown
• Ayden Raza
• Gage Kapraun
• Bryan Rasmussen
• Alfonso Franco
• Kim Kliethermes

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