How On-Demand Project Management Services Can Move You Forward

Over the course of a project, project managers (PMs) face several hurdles when moving toward a finish line. These obstacles are amplified when PMs solely rely on their internal resources for project management. Some of the roadblocks PMs run into when they are in this position include:

  • Too many projects for their staff to manage.
  • A project that requires technical knowledge that staff may not possess.
  • Too complex of a project for staff to manage.

Despite these challenges, many PMs still find themselves avoiding the help of an outside consultant. Some common misconceptions about consultants is that they would not be as invested in a project’s success or are only useful for large projects. However, when you team with the right consultant, neither of these worries come in to play. The right on-demand project management consultant approaches their client’s work as if they are a part of the organization and see even your smallest projects as an important piece of your operation’s success.

How do you find a partner that takes this approach? Consider the following criteria in a consultant:

  • Demonstrates the ability to maintain long-term relationships with clients.
  • A level of responsiveness that shows the consultant sees themselves walking side-by-side with their client through a project.
  • A consultant that is honest in their work, instead of making commitments that are unrealistic. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

GBA’s team of project management professionals has expertise in partnering with clients in the pharmaceutical, biological and medical device industries. Examples of projects can range from large expansions, technology and product transfers to additional team members for an all-hands-on-deck project.

Our trusted-team of project management experts provide on-demand services for:

  • Managing mission-critical initiatives: for when you can’t afford project failure.
  • Recovering troubled projects: for when you need a rapid diagnosis of problems and steps to get back on track.
  • Interim leadership: for when you need a short- or long-term PM that will accomplish goals while facilitating smooth transitions back to your leadership.
  • Filling skill-set gaps: for when your in-house team needs additional expertise in specific areas.
  • Supplementing resources when demand exceeds capacity: for when you have staff shortages, ranging from project engineers to executives.

On average, GBA’s PMs bring 15 years of experience to clients. If you have a project that goes from start to finish, or any spot in between, we can help move it across the finish line.

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