Utility Coordination and Right of Way

Utility Coordination

Utility coordination is an essential component of project management. Whether for site development, infrastructure expansion, or transportation projects, utility coordination is a proactive investment in project delivery and right-of-way (ROW) management. Utility conflict analysis identifies and alleviates critical or time sensitive delays by mitigating risks for project owners and maximizes project funding for clients.

Project owners investing in utility coordination understand the value of bringing together all stakeholders to plan, minimize conflict, avoid delays and have better regulatory compliance. GBA’s technical staff has extensive experience performing utility coordination for traditional and alternative project delivery methods by assisting with compensable agreements, status of utility reports, one-on-one coordination, training, oversight, scheduling and plan review.

Services can include meeting facilitation, agreement negotiations, permitting, inspection of utility relocations, utility or contractor oversight, preparation of bid documents and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE). These efforts take place during the initial stages of project delivery but can be provided through project completion to ensure third party deliverables are being met.

Right of Way Management

Right of Way Management effectively and properly maintains, enforces and safely governs public right-of-way (ROW) for all users through regulatory authority. Our subject matter experts in municipal and DOT (Department of Transportation) construction, operations and maintenance, provide firsthand knowledge and guidance combined with one-on-one attention to detail. With a series of scalable value solutions, clients can customize services for immediate needs due to staff constraints or anticipated accommodations to span several budgeting cycles.

GBA’s municipal services team is here to help and offer guidance to solve the problems that keep clients up at night. Our collective technical staff have unparalleled experience and have fought similar battles throughout different careers in public service. Right of Way Management is not a one size fits all solution. A personalized scope of service will allow clients to identify solutions to all regulatory concerns, big or small.

Right of Way Management services could include permitting systems, asset management, permit fee structuring and implementation, small cell deployment, code compliance solutions, risk management, guidance on regulatory authority, agreements, workflow processes, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) implementation, data collection, internal and external customer service, municipal code restructuring, restoration mapping, infrastructure maintenance, inspections, establishing best practices, ROW-user accountability, program policy or procedural assistance.

Advising clients, educating staff, or finding “big picture” solutions to everyday problems. Our passion for civil service advocacy gives us the unique ability to address clients’ concerns with one-stop-shop solutions.

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