Boosting Reliability

Generator Installation at 1623 Farnam

Boosting Reliability: Generator Installation at 1623 Farnam

Project Scope:

The GBA Mission Critical team provided engineering, design and construction management services for adding and installing three 60-ton Caterpillar generators. The project included coordination with multiple city organizations to coordinate permitting and crane permitting installations. Due to the large crane size, we were required to coordinate the shutdown of several thoroughfares in the heart of downtown Omaha, Nebraska, for 48 hours.

Although locating the crane necessary for the installation was standard, the reach required was unique due to the generators’ final location atop a parking garage. A 770-ton LieBehr crane with an extended reach was used to set the first and furthest generator. Due to the more extended reach, the crane needed to be upsized to ensure all safety factors were met.

Trade partners were used for the electrical connectivity, fuel piping and software programming to complete the integration. A runtime and load bank test were conducted to ensure all items function properly.

This opportunity arose from a long-standing relationship with 1623 Farnam, fostered by GBA Builders’ Director of Mission Critical. GBA and GBA Builders were the owners’ representatives on the initial generator installation.



1623 Farnam

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