Brush Creek Neighborhood Rehabilitation and I/I Reduction Project

Kansas City has made major investments in its sanitary sewer system through its Smart Sewer Program. GBA’s Water Environment team had already worked on several large projects for the city, including Brush Creek Area 2.

The Brush Creek Area project included rehabilitation recommendations for approximately 405,350 linear feet of sewer and 2,722 manholes in a densely populated area. The project area consisted of high-profile locations like Westport and the Plaza, surrounded by residential areas ranging from low-income housing to gated, multimillion-dollar mansions. The ability to communicate with a range of businesses and homeowners was key to the success of this project. This area’s proximity to the state line also led to a portion of the sewer crossing over into Kansas, which meant that GBA also needed to coordinate with an additional city.

Prior to construction, GBA held two public meetings with stakeholders and homeowners. At these meetings, GBA presented the project’s timeline and provided contact information. This coordination with residents continued throughout the construction phase.

Most sewers in the project area were over 50 years old and surrounded by development. This led to GBA using trenchless technologies to rehabilitate the sewers as much as possible to minimize surface disruptions. Trenchless technologies were cured in place pipe (CIPP) and pipe bursting.

GBA also repaired damaged service laterals up to the right-of-way or easement boundary. In some cases, CIPP was used to line the service lateral connection to the main sewer from inside the pipe. The laterals were accessed through manholes, so there was no surface disruption. Where the lateral was in bad condition, GBA had to perform open-cut repairs. In some cases, the team rerouted the service and connected it elsewhere on the main to avoid damage to porches, sheds or trees. The final design resulted in $17 million in repairs divided between two construction contractors.

GBA continues to work closely with the Smart Sewer Program, contractors and stakeholders to ensure the project continues to run smoothly. When completed, the result will be renewed sewers that will last for decades, leading to reduced overflows and basement backups and improved environmental quality.

City of Kansas City, Missouri

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