Johnson County Wastewater

Equipment Improvements Keep Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Operational

Mission, KS

Project Overview

With a new, updated treatment plant not expected to be operational for another seven to eight years, the existing Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility equipment needed rehabilitation to be able to continue functioning efficiently. The facility would also need to continue to meet Johnson County and the State of Kansas permit requirements. GBA’s Water Environment team was selected to design the equipment improvements throughout the Facility to increase service life.


GBA was tasked with providing design engineering services for equipment improvements throughout the facility. The design included process updates and improvements, including valve replacements, primary clarifier scumb beach replacement and vortex grit equipment. A new waterline was also installed to replace a section of break-prone existing waterline and complete full looping on site. The project also included updating HVAC equipment in two pump stations, as well as railing and safety improvements throughout the facility.

Johnson County Wastewater


No project is complete without unforeseen challenges. Supply chain issues impacting the construction industry led to long wait times for many of the materials. Some significant materials that were ordered in June of 2022 were delivered to the site in July of 2023. GBA worked with the Owner and Contractor to strategize on completing work that could be done while waiting on delayed materials.

The GBA team made a concerted effort to work with the contractor on long lead time items. Submittals and reviews were expedited so that shop drawings and manufacture could begin as soon as possible. When questions arose that could cause additional back-and-forth delays, the design team suggested meetings to provide the opportunity for quick discussion and exchange of ideas so that the project could continue progressing.

Because the design was completed while the treatment plant was in full operation, certain aspects of the improvements were inaccessible during design. Plans were let with the intention of confirming select elements once the contractor was on board and able to do partial demolitions to confirm design assumptions. Once the design and construction teams were able to inspect and evaluate all aspects of the selected elements, the design team was able to adjust the design as necessary to provide a project that will bridge the lifetime of the plant’s years.


Project construction will end in the fall of 2023. The new Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant site will be located in the same location as currently standing.

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