Improvements to the Heart of Roeland Park – Roe Boulevard

Roe Boulevard, the heart and main route of Roeland Park, Kansas, needed a facelift or some way to establish its own identity. The public and city had a big vision, and with the help of GBA and Vireo, a local landscape architecture firm, that vision came to life!

The first step was to understand the current condition of the road. This was important to complete before any design work could begin.

After the condition was established, GBA and Vireo worked with the community and residents of Roeland Park through a series of public involvement meetings, where the team listened to the community’s ideas and aspirations for Roe Boulevard. These discussions formed the basis of the project’s themes, which included improving pedestrian walkability, traffic calming, creating a sense of place and identity, enhancing roadway character and improving the beautification of Roe Blvd. By involving the community, it ensured that the project truly reflected the community’s vision and needs.

Considering the budget and timeline, GBA provided design plans to utilize existing pavement while shifting curb lines and medians to fit an eight-foot walking trail and five-foot sidewalk within the existing right-of-way. This would allow residents to easily connect to the primary commercial and retail zones on the street’s west side.

The corridor’s design introduced several new features that have significantly enhanced the character of Roe Boulevard. These include custom street lighting, landscaping provided by Vireo that adds a touch of greenery, gateway features that mark the entrance to the boulevard and street trees that create a beautiful canopy look. These additions ensure that Roe Blvd. is unique and stands out, contributing to the community’s identity.

Another component of this project was to route traffic more efficiently. Before the redesign, the road initially included five traffic signals within a half-mile corridor segment. Reducing the traffic signals to three in this segment would allow traffic to flow more efficiently, resulting in a lower crash rate. In addition, this helped reduce emissions and time spent waiting at the light, increasing traffic calming.

Construction was completed on time and within budget in 2020.

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