Inland Port 52

GBA Code Services provided inspection services for Inland Port 52, a logistics park in Edgerton, KS, that included a new manufacturing center/warehouse.

GBA Services:

  • Review plans, specifications and construction documents for compliance with the current building codes, municipal code, Unified Development Code, plumbing code, electrical code and any other adopted codes in order to protect public safety. Current adopted codes include the International Code Council (ICC) 2006 editions, the International Fire Code (IFC) 2006 edition, the NFPA 70 National Electric Code 2005 edition, and Johnson County Code 2010.
  • Attend design, pre-construction, and coordination meetings.
  • Review deferred submittals
  • Provide Building Inspections
  • Provide assistance and recommendations for code variances, equivalencies, deviations and interpretations
  • Coordinate inspections with Johnson County Fire District
  • Coordinate with planning and zoning development review for site development
  • Provide recommendations for City issuance of permits, TCO & FCO
City of Edgerton, KS

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