Paragon Star Development: GBA’s Comprehensive Services

Paragon Star, a 300-acre, mixed-use development, proves when stakeholders envision work, play and living spaces together in one community. Located in Lee’s Summit, the development will include recreational, office, retail, hotel, entertainment, convention and residential uses.

GBA provided civil, traffic, environmental and survey services for Paragon Star’s preliminary and final plans and construction documents.

Civil engineering services:

  • Existing conditions plan
  • General Layout
  • Primary grading plan
  • Dimension plan
  • Utility plan
  • Lighting plan
  • Preliminary street alignments


Traffic services:

  • Base traffic study
  • Additional analysis of a soccer complex
  • Phased development analysis
  • Simulation of interchange area

Environmental services:

  • Stormwater report development
  • Stormwater detention study
  • Flood study

Survey services:

  • Aerial mapping
  • Utilities and stream cross-sections survey
  • Property work

While providing services, communication with the project team was key. Balancing multiple jurisdictions’ needs and permitting requirements made communication critical to project success. The Army Corp of Engineers, Missouri Department of Transportation, City of Lee’s Summit, City of Kansas City, Jackson County, Jackson County Rail Authority, Blue Valley Sewer District, Community Improvement District and Transportation Development District all played a role in this development.

This teamwork will lead to many unique features that the surrounding community will enjoy upon completion.

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