Revitalizing Route N: Cottleville, Missouri’s Transportation Upgrades

Since early 2010, GBA has been involved in the Route N Improvements in Cottleville, Missouri—from funding applications to final design. The firm managed the project through two phases. This involved assisting the city with project funding applications and coordinating team meetings amongst funding sources, which included the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) cost-share, East-West Gateway LPA funding, St. Charles County Road Board and Great Rivers Greenway.

GBA’s responsibilities on Route N included:

  • Conceptual layouts
  • Preliminary and final design
  • Right-of-way negotiation
  • Hydraulic analysis of the Dardenne Creek floodway impacts
  • Design of a 10-foot multi-use Great Rivers Greenway trail
  • Construction staging
  • Traffic control and detours
  • RCB culvert design

Effective utility coordination and floodway analysis to raise the roadway were crucial to the budget and schedule. GBA worked extensively with utilities to design around conflicts that would exceed available funds. A strong partnership with MoDOT, SEMA, St. Charles County, and the city of Cottleville helped communicate changes in floodplain conditions and maintain a no-rise condition.

City of Cottleville, Missouri

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