Sustainable Design

Solutions by GBA for Executive Park

Project Overview

Executive Park is a 1,200-acre business and industrial park located south of the Missouri River in a levee-protected floodplain area known as the Northeast Industrial District. With 13,000 workers and 80 companies, including four high-finish office buildings and a major trade center, it’s a crucial economic center.

As the architectural and engineering consultant hired by Universal Land Development Company, GBA was committed to providing design services that would enhance the functionality, sustainability and aesthetic appeal of the private entities within the Executive Park. GBA continues to work in Executive Park, assisting with design and redevelopment of available space.

Design Elements

  • Sophisticated Storm Drainage System Design

    • Due to the area being in a protected floodplain, the storm drainage system’s design needed to handle varying weather conditions effectively.
  • Phased Schedule for Businesses

    • The team took a strategic approach by planning a phased construction schedule, which allowed maximum cash flow for the businesses while minimizing construction downtime.
  • Environmental Permitting and Engineering Design Oversight

    • By overseeing environmental permitting and engineering design for each site within the park, the team ensured compliance with regulations and tailored solutions to suit unique environmental considerations.
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