Transportation Program Leads to US-166 Expansion

KDOT’s T-Works Program

As part of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s (KDOT) T-works program project, GBA was hired to design the US-166 expansion in Cherokee County. T-Works is a 10-year transportation program created by KDOT to create jobs, preserve highway infrastructure and provide multi-model economic development opportunities in Kansas.

Project Overview

Envisioned as a pivotal link between the state line and the US-400/US-166 junction, the four-mile stretch of the US-166 expansion was meticulously planned. This visionary design encompassed a four-lane freeway with two interchanges and nine bridges.

GBA designed the freeway to utilize existing right-of-way where possible, avoid environmental impacts on the existing floodplain, address local accessibility concerns and significantly enhance safety for motorists. More than just a local enhancement, this expansion would align with KDOT’s broader plan of establishing a continuous four-lane freeway from Kansas City to Missouri’s I-44.

Designed on an offset alignment, the US-166 Expansion Project prioritized the preservation of residential properties along the existing route. In a strategic move, the existing US-166 transitioned into a county road, ensuring continued service to the surrounding properties while paving the way for progress.

Phases of Progress

Progress of the project unfolded across four pivotal stages:

  • Beginning in 2011, Phase One focused on refining the project area boundaries.
  • Phase Two developed a refined improvement concept and preliminary design plans, which were completed in 2014.
  • Phase Three began in the winter of 2014 and developed final design plans for the US-166 expansion but was later put on hold in the spring of 2017 due to funding constraints.
  • Despite setbacks, Phase Four commenced in 2022 and is committed to achieving substantial completion by 2024.


KDOT’s T-works program was estimated to complete 37 total construction projects and 6 preliminary engineering projects. Over 250 miles will be completed and $10 billion was estimated for economic impact in the state of Kansas.

Kansas Department of Transportation

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