Wastewater Collection & Treatment System Improvements | Willbarger Creek

Project Scope:

The project includes expansion of an existing 0.5 MGD, 5,5,2,1 extended aeration activated sludge wastewater treatment plant facility to a 1.33 MGD 5,5,2,1 Modified Ludzack-Ettinger activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.

Design of new Public Works building; structural analysis and design, process upgrades, hydraulic upgrades, including new wet well, surge anticipation valving, electrical service/controls, genset, and one new lift station in Cap Metro ROW, including wet well, pumps, controls, chemical feed, SCADA and genset.

New master lift station, headworks with automatic bar screen, grit chamber and grit classifier, rapid mix, anoxic basins, aeration basins, clarifiers, disinfection, tertiary filtration and sludge processing as well as ancillary systems for aeration, chemical feed, monitoring and control.

Sludge processing includes addition of sludge holding facility, sludge pump station and repurposing of the original wastewater treatment plant to a digester.

Provisions in the facility design include a future expansion to 2.0 MGD facility via addition of a third treatment train and enhanced sludge processing via a sludge dewatering facility.

The project also includes a new 6,000 SF Public Works building to house all City utility operations staff, featuring offices, training facilities, break room, conference room, parts storage, loading bay, showers and a 500 SF lab, which will be outfitted with all necessary equipment to perform process analytical work for the City’s wastewater treatment plant operations.

City of Manor

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