Zambezi Zinger’s Grand Return to Worlds of Fun

Zambezi Zinger History

The original Zambezi Zinger was a beloved classic roller coaster that was one of three roller coasters when Worlds of Fun opened 50 years ago. The popular ride took guests on a two-minute-long ride, reaching heights of 56 feet and speeds of 41 miles per hour.

The infamous ride lasted 25 seasons at Worlds of Fun, when the decision was ultimately made to tear it down in 1997. In 2022, Cedar Fair announced the re-imagined fan-favorite coaster would make its return to the park again to celebrate the park’s 50th anniversary.

The Re-Imagined Classic

The coaster and buildings utilize a steel and wood hybrid frame, which takes guests through a safari-themed queue to await a two-minute-long ride, dropping from an iconic spiral lift into a low-to-the-ground track that races through the trees.

The coaster is located at the heart of the African section of the park, adjacent to a small streamway, covering approximately two acres, where the original Zinger stood. GBA worked with Cedar Fair, Worlds of Fun, Great Coasters International and Skyline Attractions to reimagine the iconic roller coaster that opened with the park in 1973.

Project Breakdown

GBA was responsible for the site/civil engineering and maintenance/station building architecture.

Site design and civil engineering included site grading, stormwater drainage, utility connections, erosion control and stream buffer planning. Site design required precise planning to coordinate ride foundations and elevations, utilities, maintenance access and existing landscape preservation.

The architectural work included the design implementation of the maintenance/station buildings, pedestrian bridge and stairs, retrofits of the existing queue building and plaza and coordination of the shade structures over the ride queueing. Working closely with the Cedar Fair design team, GBA was able to turn schematic sketches into real-life buildings and spaces.

Cedar Fair Partnership

GBA frequently assists Worlds of Fun with the design of new attractions and site work, but the design for a roller coaster is unique. Being involved in a project that is as widespread and popular as the historic Zambezi Zinger has been an incredible experience.

Construction of the coaster was completed, and the ride was opened to the public in June of 2023.

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