Advanced Robotics & Remote Sensing

GBA is a leader in advanced robotics and remote sensing, or ARRS. We utilize more than 50 years of engineering and aviation experience to research and develop innovative solutions for data collection. GBA is leading the way in developing applications for imagery collected by unmanned vehicles in aerial, interior and marine applications for construction, survey, infrastructure inspection, mapping and imaging. Looking for safe, cost-effective ways to collect data? We’ve got you covered.

  • Work performed out of work zone
  • Only licensed and certified pilots
  • Execute each mission with a visual observer
  • Fully FAA compliant
  • In-house safety and training manual available for review
  • Reduces impact to your operations
  • Efficient data collection and processing
  • Pre-planned missions
  • Limited field time
  • Appropriate rendering software
  • Up-to-date training
  • Direct to AutoCAD, MicroStation and Revit formats
  • Top-tier processing computing speed
  • Interior scanning complete in a fraction of time compared to manual data collection