At GBA our construction team redefines the industry standard of preconstruction services. Beyond traditional estimating, our comprehensive approach encompasses the entire preconstruction phase, elevating your project from inception to implementation. Unlike most firms, we’re not just a construction company — we’re strategic partners offering a holistic perspective through the seamless integration of in-house architects, engineers and management teams. This synergy ensures that from identifying opportunities and conducting feasibility studies to maximizing ROI, every step is meticulously planned and executed for your project.

Optimizing Project Success

Our unique process begins with understanding your goals. Our dedicated preconstruction team collaborates early on, leveraging extensive market experience and innovative engineering insights to optimize your budget and project scope. By seamlessly integrating constructability reviews and cutting-edge technology assessments, we focus on helping owners make educated decisions before shovels hit the ground.

Seamless Collaboration at Every Step Along the Way

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. From the outset, we engage with owners, architects and facility managers, working hand-in-hand to translate your vision into reality. This collaborative spirit extends through construction, where our in-house experts work closely to ensure timely, accurate and consistent feedback on pricing, scheduling, safety and quality. Our partnership transcends mere project updates; it’s an open exchange of ideas, precise information processing and timely decision-making, all aimed at delivering an impeccable plan before breaking ground.

Elevating Precision through Building Information Modeling

At the heart of our process is Building Information Modeling (BIM), an indispensable tool driving effective problem-solving and coordination from project inception through construction. With BIM, our team ensures unparalleled precision and efficiency, setting the stage for a seamless transition from planning to execution.

Offers & Solutions

Bid packaging

Our history and relationships with subcontractors allow us to provide in-depth market intel to effectively attract competitive bids, enhancing contractor selection and project cost efficiency.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Offers detailed digital project models, fostering collaboration, precise planning and visual clarity, optimizing construction planning and execution.

Cash flow analysis

Ensures prudent financial planning, resource allocation and financial stability throughout construction, mitigating financial risks.

Constructability analysis and review

Identifies design flaws early, optimizing project feasibility, minimizing rework and ensuring cost-effective construction.

Cost estimating and control

Maintains accurate budget adherence, ensuring cost-effective project management and financial predictability.

Existing condition analysis

Mitigates unforeseen challenges, enhancing project planning accuracy and risk management.

Logistic planning

Streamlines material, labor and equipment movements, optimizing efficiency and minimizing project disruptions.

Material procurement

Identifies and mitigates potential risks, fostering smoother project progression and timely completion.

Risk management

Identifies and mitigates potential risks, fostering smoother project progression and timely completion.

Scheduling and phasing

Optimizes project timelines, orchestrating tasks for efficient and timely project delivery.

Subcontractor pre-qualification and selection

Ensures reliable partnerships, critical for quality assurance and successful project outcomes.

Budget design validation

Ensures thorough assessment and alignment of project plans with budgetary constraints, optimizing cost-efficiency and project feasibility from the outset.