Design-Build integrates the roles of the designer and constructor to better streamline project delivery. This efficient approach is becoming more and more popular across the country, and GBA has been doing it for nearly three decades. While GBA has always stayed involved during the construction phases of projects, the firm’s design-build experience started when architects and engineers were told by our clients that they had concerns during construction on projects. GBA responded to this issue by adding construction administrators of our own to our team. Over time, this approach evolved into the creation of GBA Builders, LLC in 2004, which is GBA’s fully-owned subsidiary focused on project management.

GBA and GBA Builders employ teams with the experience and qualifications to excel at their respective tasks. Because of the close relationship between the organizations, GBA and GBA Builders has created an efficient communication and coordination process that improves quality and schedule, giving our clients the complete and cohesive solution they are looking for from their design-build team.

Our design-build team understands the duties and responsibilities required to successfully implement all engineering, procurement, construction, safety, quality, administration, technical inspections and management portions of projects. We have successfully utilized the design-build approach on many projects including highway interchanges, municipal intersections, industrial and commercial buildings, and wastewater treatment plants.

GBA Builders is a subsidiary of GBA. It provides construction management services to three core markets, including life sciences; food, nutrition & consumer products; and industrial/chemical. Each member of the GBA Builders team brings unique skills that provides clients with comprehensive construction management experience for nearly any regulated, critical environment. For more information, visit the website at