Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

At GBA, we have been on the cutting edge of technology innovation in the field of engineering for nearly 50 years.

Using our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), experience of on-staff pilots, and the breadth of our engineering knowledge, we have developed a variety of unique solutions utilizing aerial data collection. Among the UAV services we provide:

  • Mapping
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Confined space inspections
  • GIS and asset management inventory
  • Construction site photography
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Infrared mapping
  • Flood plain mapping
  • Predesign site condition surveys
  • Pavement conditions


Our pilots are sUAS certified and our UAV equipment fleet meets every federal requirement.

  • Environmental data collection: determine plant health and wetland delineation
  • High mast light pole inspection: clearly see critical connections and seam welds
  • Utility corridor survey: proposed corridors to determine impediments for locating utilities
  • Aerial survey: aerial data collection enhances traditional surveying methods
  • Bridge inspection: provide close-range bridge structure video or still images