The Importance of Safety on the Job Site

Did you know preventable injuries rank as the fourth leading cause of death in the United States? This alarming statistic highlights the critical importance of prioritizing safety on job sites. Ensuring a safe work environment is crucial to protect workers from potential hazards and prevent accidents that could lead to injuries or even fatalities.

The Water Environment Group at GBA places great importance on safety. Recently, they were contracted to work at the Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mission, Kansas. The primary objective was to assess the compliance of older equipment with state regulations and ensure its functionality for years to come.

GBA Staff Engineer, Landon Bell, emphasizes the significance of safety in a Wastewater Treatment Plant setting. As an expert in the field, Bell acknowledges that projects of this nature require strict safety protocols. Wastewater treatment plants can present various risks, including exposure to harmful chemicals and gases, potential equipment malfunctions and the need to work in confined spaces. Following established safety protocols is crucial to mitigate these risks and create a secure work environment.

GBA’s Water Environment Group’s involvement in the Turkey Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant highlights the critical need for safety protocols in wastewater projects. Through a commitment to these protocols, GBA aims to ensure the well-being of workers while maintaining compliance with state regulations. With a strong focus on safety, organizations can prevent injuries, save lives and foster a secure environment.

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