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Aerial view of Liberty Wastewater Treatment Facility

Utilities & Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Liberty, Missouri

This project was a culmination of several years and studies to investigate options for the City of Liberty to manage regulatory requirements and the rate structure for sewage fees for the residents of the City of Liberty. Previously, Liberty wastewater was treated by the City of Kansas City, Missouri which had significant capacity limitations. This new project allows the City to avoid enforcement action by the EPA, by treating its own wastewater and gives them the ability to control resident fees.

GBA was responsible for the design of the roadway and conveyance system improvements. GBA was also responsible for the design of the Administration Building and the Warm/Cold Storage Building.

The conveyance system improvement included the design of:

  • 6,800 lineal feet of roadway, storm drainage design and access drive
  • 9-MGD East Pump Station and 11-MGD West Pump Station
  • 14,100 lineal feet of 20-inch diameter forcemain
  • 9,300 lineal feet of 36-inch diameter gravity sanitary sewer

GBA provided conceptual layouts, surveying, easement and right-of-way development, regulatory permitting, coordination with MoDOT and utility companies, development of bid packages, bidding phase assistance, shop drawing review and assistance during the construction phase.

Design Elements:

Building is constructed of decorative CMU walls and exposed wood trusses, to include offices, locker rooms, a fitness room, break room and kitchen, laundry room, and a water testing laboratory. Building contains 10,552 sf in a ‘U’-shape, creating a central patio area.


City of Liberty, MO

Cost/Project Size

$74 million

Completion Date