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GBA Builders understands the healthcare industry and specializes in ensuring projects are completed to the highest standards. Our team of experts addresses every unique need – allowing for project success.


Services & Solutions

Facility Improvements & Capital Planning
  • GBA Builders can manage services for capital improvements and assist in project planning, budgeting, scope definition, design, procurement and scheduling.

  • GBA Builders, along with GBA, can repurpose underutilized areas to align with current facility needs. 

  • Project examples include building renovations and remodeling, medical gas systems modernization, emergency power distribution upgrades, air conditioning replacements, and room pressure and air change correction.

Facility Condition Audit & Infrastructure Assessments / Equipment Upgrades
  • GBA Builders can provide infrastructure assessments to identify end of life and failing/incorrectly installed facility equipment. 

  • These assessments would include project cost estimates and construction management services for replacement, repairs or upgrades.

  • Equipment and systems include: plumbing; HVAC; electrical; fire protection; medical gas; and steam.

  • GBA Builders specializes in replacing equipment with minimal impact on facilities.

Remodels & Renovations
  • Bring the GBA Builders team in early on space utilization and renovations to support facility goals, budget and schedule.

  • GBA Builders has completed renovations in operating room suites, central sterile processing, emergency departments, pharmacies, patient rooms, recreation complexes, physical therapy facilities and kitchens

Utility Outage Consultant
  • GBA Builders can consult and assist in getting facilities operational after a major equipment or utility failure. 

New Construction
  • GBA Builders, along with GBA, can provide design/build services for medical facilities and office building upgrades.

  • Project experience includes community living centers, central utility plant expansion and building addition site development.

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