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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Facility Design

The manufacturing of modern pharmaceuticals (often referred to as small molecule drugs), encompasses a wide variety of products including active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients, or final drug products (aseptic liquids, lyophilized products, oral solid dosage, inhalable products and topicals).

GBA Life Sciences has more than 50 years of experience with regulated industries and designing sophisticated facilities, and more than half of that time has been in aseptic production facility and process design, including dispensing, compounding, blending, formulating, granulating, encapsulating, filling, freeze drying, bottling and packaging.  The team provides additional guidance to our pharmaceutical clients by helping with the navigation of drug discovery and development, commercialization, serialization, equivalency, tech transfer and the execution of design/construction/validation projects.

With a proven track record, GBA Life Sciences has the experience to assist with process and facility design, construction and validation of pharmaceutical products.

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