Data Center Solutions

For over 20 years, GBA has been providing mission critical data center solutions for organizations of all sizes. From Fortune 500’s to governments and SMBs, GBA provides turn-key data center services for handling the entire planning, designing, construction, and maintenance process. From cloud to onsite and hybrid solutions, GBA has provided mission critical services to some of the largest organizations in the world.

  • Hardware and software for processing, storing, protecting, and recovering information
  • Planning, designing, and constructing the entire infrastructure for both large scale and edge data centers
  • Regulation compliance for enterprises, governments, healthcare, banking and finance
  • Cyber and physical security systems to protect at all levels
Mission Critical Internal Expansion
Converting 5,000 square feet into an energy efficient data center and office space
GBA provided all architectural and engineering design which involved converting 5,000 square feet of shell space. Construction included a raised floor and expansion of the steel roof platform to accommodate new roof-mounted chillers.
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Mission Critical Safety Upgrades
Multi-site data center safety upgrades
GBA’s Mission Critical Group worked with a national telecommunications provider to visit multiple sites and audit existing data center fire alarm and suppression systems.
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Future-Proofed Data Center Deployment
Planning and Design
Planning a data center involves assessing the organization's needs and requirements. This includes designing and selecting the physical infrastructure, hardware, and software components, and implementing, operating and maintaining the data center in a secure and compliant manner.
GBA provides the entire design and plan process for data centers. This includes the physical infrastructure, including building the facility, installing and configuring the hardware, software, and cooling systems. This also includes testing to ensure the data center meets the organization's needs and requirements.
Physical Security Systems and Cybersecurity
Data center security is the practice of protecting a data center and its components from unauthorized access, theft, damage, and disruption. This involves implementing physical, network, and software security measures. GBA provides fire suppression systems, access control systems, encryption, and security software. GBA also provides proven security policies and procedures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems.
Software and Maintenance
Maintaining a data center involves regularly monitoring and assessing its performance and security. This includes backup and recovery, software and firmware updates, hardware replacement, and disaster recovery planning.
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Mission Critical Leadership Team

Our data center services increase the efficiency, reliability, and security of mission critical operations. To accomplish this, GBA relies on the decades of knowledge our team possess for creating the quality critical infrastructure for storing, processing, and transmitting vast amounts of data for our clients.

Our data center offerings include servers, storage systems, networking equipment, data backup and recovery systems, cooling systems, and power management systems, as well as software and services such as virtualization, cloud computing, and disaster recovery planning.


“I have known and trusted the GBA team with overseeing and being the expert on our $40+ million data center upgrade and renovation. We are an “operational” network neutral, edge interconnection facility.

We have relied on their oversight of the process, fiscal analysis, operational knowledge, and leadership for ensuring our clients infrastructure and applications maintained availability and consistent performance during this project. Highly recommended, a real partnership that adds value.”

– Todd Cushing, 1623 Farnam, LLC


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