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Retaining wall at 6200 Nieman

Nieman Road Storm and Turkey Creek Tributary Improvements

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Shawnee, Kansas

GBA used creative solutions to provide the study, design and construction inspection of the 6200 Nieman Storm and Turkey Creek Tributary Improvements for the city of Shawnee, Kansas. The project began with a preliminary engineering study (PES) to investigate the flooding of Nieman Road and businesses along Tributary 63 of Turkey Creek. After the PES was completed, GBA worked with Johnson County Stormwater Management Program (SMP) to secure funding for culvert and creek channel improvements. With these funds in place, GBA and the city worked to set the following goals for the project:

  • Eliminate the 100-year storm event flooding of adjacent businesses
  • Increase culvert capacity at Nieman Road and replace the structurally deficient culvert
  • Reduce the 100-year storm event flood depth to less than 7 inches at Nieman Road
  • Replace a structurally unstable wall along a private parking lot

With the project located in a heavily developed and traveled location, and with other municipal improvement projects ongoing at each end of the 6200 Nieman project, GBA focused on coordination early and often.  These coordination efforts included working with:

  • Adjacent business owners
  • Adjacent projects and consultants through the “Nieman Now!” effort
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
  • Complicated utilities

When completed, the project included:

  • 15,000 square feet of concrete soldier pile and cast-in-place retaining walls up to 23 feet tall
  • 200 feet of storm sewer placement with backflow prevention due to backwater potential
  • Seven new curb/grate inlets for proper drainage of streets and parking lots
  • Street profile adjustment up for utility relocation
  • Sanitary sewer realignments for proposed improvements and buyouts
  • Completion of USACE permitting and mitigation of stream impacts

The creative solutions used throughout this project now benefit citizens with both aesthetic and safety improvements. The project provided a new green space and a city park due to a building removal. Throughout the corridor, sidewalks were added along the street for pedestrian access. Additionally, the undermined building and failing wall that were considered unique challenges were also considered to be safety concerns to the general public. Removing and replacing these structures provides long-lasting improvements to public safety. Lastly, the aesthetic appeal of the finished product is much greater than before construction, improving quality of life to the citizens of the area.


City of Shawnee

Cost/Project Size

PES: $45,170, Design: $635,476,
Construction Phase Services: $498,659

Completion Date



ABC Heart of America, Excellence in Engineering Award, 2018
ASCE KC Chapter, Engineering Project of the Year Award, 2018
ACEC Kansas, City Public Improvement Award, 2018