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Development Review
Site development review covers grading plans, drainage, floodplain impacts, sanitary sewer lines, water lines, ROW and easements, landscape architecture and ADA accessibility. GBA engineers review plans on behalf of cities to ensure codes and standards are met.
Master Plan Studies
Master Plans can cover topics ranging from transportation to stormwater to parks. GBA leads master plans by uncovering the vision of the future, establishing what success means for quality-of-life improvements and providing feasible improvements with an implementation schedule and funding resources.
Traffic Impact Studies
For new developments, traffic impact studies evaluate the resulting growth of congestion and make recommendations to mitigate expected issues with operations and safety. Our traffic engineers can write or review traffic studies by following state or local guidelines.
City Planning
Urban planning covers a community's form and function, including the relationship between land use and transportation, the impacts of zoning on development and anticipated trends in civic demand. GBA focuses on a positive return on investment for buildings and infrastructure to ensure the long-term prosperity of the communities we serve.
Design Standards
GBA reviews municipal design standards and recommends modernizing specifications and updating standard drawing details. GBA provides review and management of material specifications for infrastructure improvements.
Building Inspections
Our team includes certified building officials, building inspectors, licensed engineers, and licensed architects who are well-trained in the International Code Council model codes and National Fire Protection Association codes.
Building Plan Review
Certified plan examiners and licensed engineers review building plans to manage quality control. Identifying issues before construction occurs will alleviate the hassles of risk abatement or legal implications.
Code Assessment
National building code regulations change over time. GBA assists community staff with identifying which elements of the local code should be reassessed and reworded.
Code Adoption
Expertise is often necessary to assist communities with adopting new building codes. GBA has helped evaluate and refine code adoption in a systematic process.
Development Code Consulting
GBA provides a complete overview of development codes to help municipalities and counties understand risks and opportunities for updating local regulations.
Utility Mapping
Utility strikes can cause disruptions for city staff and citizens, while conflicts can have serious impacts on project timelines and budgets, leading to cost overruns and delays due to project redesigns. The GBA Geospatial team can digitize the locations of underground utilities and structures and develop a platform that streamlines the long-term decision-making process.
GBA can assist communities with administrative methodology and technology implementations that will allow staff to automate service requests and track resolutions, automate permitting, establish cost recovery fees and improve customer service.
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