Telecommunication Infrastructure: Facility Uplift in Birmingham, AL

Project Overview:

The GBA Mission Critical team successfully executed a comprehensive facility uplift for an existing telecommunication site in Birmingham, AL. The project involved the installation of two new electrical services, new mechanical components, fire suppression and alarm systems and a Building Management System (BMS).

Project Schedule: July 2021- December 2023
Project Size: 5,000 SF Renovation

Operational Considerations

This project was executed with utmost care to minimize disruptions to the facility’s ongoing operations. Specialized planning ensured work outside existing electrical rooms followed stringent guidelines, preserving operational uptime. The team prioritized safety and efficiency, guaranteeing a smooth transition to the upgraded infrastructure.

Key Project Elements:

  • Electrical Infrastructure Expansion:
    • Installation of two new electrical services.
    • Addition of two new electrical rooms to accommodate expanded infrastructure.
    • Demolition and replacement of the existing parking lot to facilitate the installation of a new underground electrical duct bank.
  • Mechanical Systems:
    • Roof-mounted mechanical equipment platform and enclosure.
    • Installation of new computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units to regulate the temperature in the Data Hall.
  • Emergency Power Solutions:
    • Incorporation of two new 2000-kilowatt emergency standby generators.
    • Construction of an enclosed concrete masonry unit (CMU) screen wall to house the generators.
    • Implementation of an exterior ground ring to enhance electrical grounding.
  • Switchgear:
    • Installation of two (2) sets of new switchgear to power the Data Hall infrastructure and mechanical equipment.
  • Data Hall Infrastructure:
    • Demolition of existing interior walls to create space for the new Data Hall and Electrical Rooms.
    • Integration of a new hot aisle containment system for optimal airflow within the Data Hall.
    • Installation of a three-tiered cable tray and ladder rack system to support and manage structured cabling to the new power distribution architecture.
  • Fire Safety Measures:
    • Implementation of a new fire suppression system to ensure the safety of the facility.
    • Integration of fire alarm systems to enhance emergency response capabilities.
  • Building Management System:
    • Installation of a new BMS to monitor and control various facility systems.
    • Modifications to the existing BMS for seamless integration with new equipment.


The completed project provides an upgraded telecommunication site with enhanced capabilities, improved reliability and readiness for future expansion. The GBA Mission Critical team’s meticulous execution ensures client satisfaction and adaptability to evolving technological demands.

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