The R+L Carriers Facility

Logistics Excellence & Environmental Responsibility

Logistics Excellence & Environmental Responsibility: The R+L Carriers Facility

Project Overview:

GBA incorporated innovative design and environmental stewardship at the R+L Carriers Facility. Situated on a 40-acre parcel of land at the intersection of 41st and North Pleasant in Kansas City, Missouri, this design-build project set a new standard for excellence in logistics infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Terminal and Maintenance Facilities: With over 92,000 SF dedicated to the terminal facility and an additional 26,000 SF for the maintenance facility, the innovative design seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology and efficient logistics solutions.
  • Sustainable Design and Environmental Conservation: Emphasizing environmental responsibility, approximately 30 acres of the site were dedicated to buildings and pavement. The remaining acreage blended a detention basin and preserved wetlands.
  • Infrastructure Excellence: GBA designed the adjacent public street improvements totaling 4,500LF. The team also spearheaded the design and integration of the water main and sanitary sewer extensions.
  • Cross-Dock Building Design: Centered on optimizing logistics efficiency, the cross-dock building design streamlined operations, facilitating a seamless flow of goods while minimizing turnaround times.
  • Water Quality and Quantity Management: Recognizing the importance of responsible water management, GBA implemented comprehensive measures to meet stringent quality and quantity requirements. From innovative stormwater management solutions to sustainable landscaping practices, every detail was crafted to safeguard the surrounding ecosystem.

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