GBA Hired to Repair 5 Bridges Alongside US-24

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the average age of a bridge in Missouri is 48 years. With most bridges previously designed to last 50 years, MoDOT is facing infrastructure that needs replacement. To solve this, the GBA team was tasked to develop a solution to replace (5) bridges. These bridges were nearing the end of their service life as part of Missouri’s Focus on Bridges program.

The Problem: Missouri needed updated bridge infrastructure.

GBA was hired by MoDOT to provide roadway, traffic, hydraulics and hydrology and bridge design. The focus locations are along US-24 in Buckner, MO. At this location, US-24 is a divided highway. The replacement structures being constructed in the 1930s, and the opposing roadway structures being constructed in the 1970s. Additionally, the five bridges replaced included four on westbound US-24 west of Buckner and one on eastbound US-24 east of Buckner over the Union Pacific Railroad.

Four out of the five bridges ran over Fire Prairie Creek. Because of this, it was important that the new design structures met the necessary hydraulic requirements. The team used 2D hydraulic modeling to analyze flow to each of the structures to appropriately size all four bridges.

The Solution: Hire GBA to provide updated recommendations and construction services.

The bridge east of Buckner spans the Union Pacific Railroad. The GBA team understood the importance of coordinating with the railroad early and often throughout the project. Working with the railroad and MoDOT, the team selected a bridge layout that incorporated future tracks. These accommodated adequate vertical clearance and placed most substructure elements outside of the railroad right-of-way. Union Pacific concurrence for the proposed layout was required throughout the project and into construction.

During construction, to eliminate road closures, US-24 remained open one lane in each direction. Because of this, drivers traveled on the existing lanes next to the construction.

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