GBA's LiDAR Surveying

1500 Signs Completed Ahead of Schedule

Riley, Kansas

Project Overview

Any time you can use innovative technology to make a dangerous, labor-intensive, manual process turn it into a safer, more efficient use of time and money, that’s a win!

GBA’s Transportation team was looking for a technology that could transform traditional data collection methods into a safer and more efficient process. Since 2012, as part of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) High-Performance Signing on-call Projects, the team was tasked with inventorying existing road signs in Kansas using handheld GPS devices and iPads, which can be hazardous and labor-intensive. To help reduce safety for GBA staff, Mobile LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology was selected to collect signing inventory for our latest project in Sedgwick County. It utilizes survey-grade GPS and a laser scanner mounted on a vehicle to capture intricate, high-resolution, 3D data of the surrounding environment. It was a game-changer in engineering and safety, significantly reducing collection time and improving safety, especially since much of the data collection was located within the Wichita metropolitan area and consisted of the collection of sign trusses.

By utilizing this innovative technology, staff was able to streamline the inventory process of over 1500 signs. What once posed risks in manual data collection is now a swift and precise task. Mobile LiDAR enables data collection from vehicles at driving speeds rather than personnel standing at the edge of the busy roadway. GBA’s integration of this technology ensures accuracy, underscores the team’s commitment to engineering excellence, and showcases the power of innovation in shaping a safer and more efficient future.

Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT)
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