K-10 Utility Relocations

Ensuring Smooth Expansion and Infrastructure Integrity

Lawrence, Kansas

Project Overview

The K-10 Utility Relocations project in Lawrence, KS, will address the challenges posed by the expansion and widening of K-10 by the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). With ten separate water or sanitary sewer crossings along K-10, GBA was tasked with designing and facilitating the relocation of existing utilities to accommodate the highway’s construction.

Project Timeline

The project timeline is driven by the urgency to align with KDOT’s bidding schedule, slated for June 2024. Design work commenced promptly to ensure timely relocation of utilities, enabling the smooth progression of the highway construction.

Project Challenges and Solutions

One of the main challenges involves identifying and assessing multiple utility conflicts along the K-10 route. To overcome this hurdle, GBA is investigating by utilizing techniques such as potholing to determine potential conflicts.  This approach allows the team to proceed with design plans confidently, ensuring efficient conflict resolution and utility relocation.

Why GBA?

GBA’s involvement in the initial study evaluation for Lawrence proved pivotal in securing the project. By demonstrating expertise in identifying potential conflict locations and proposing effective solutions, GBA earned the client’s trust. Additionally, GBA mobilized a dedicated team of water and wastewater designers from multiple offices to deliver comprehensive and timely solutions.

Project Impact

The future completion of the K-10 Utility Relocations project will not only facilitate the widening of K-10 but also ensure the uninterrupted operation of vital water and sanitary sewer infrastructure in Lawrence.

Project Completion

The project is ongoing in 2024.

City of Lawrence, Kansas
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