Veterans Affairs

Renovate Building 223 for Pandemic Storage

Minneapolis, MN

Project Overview

This design-build project included the renovation to the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Commissary Warehouse (Building 223), which was constructed in 1935 by the CCC, for pandemic storage. Building 223 was previously used as an ancillary storage facility since the late 1990s and contained various pieces of roads and grounds equipment. Construction included complete renovation of all interior, exterior, mechanical, electrical and utility components while maintaining preservation of historic components of the building. This project complied with the Department of Interior Regulations, 36 CFR 67 – Historic Preservation Certifications Under the Internal Revenue Code – §67.7 – Standards for rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Guidelines as detailed in Fort Snelling West District – Historical Context Study and Development Guidelines.

Demolition included the removal and disposal of the existing concrete roadway/parking area, concrete curbs, piping, valves, insulation, exterior subsurface utilities, interior piping, electrical systems, duct banks, manholes, utility structures, among other interior and exterior components identified in the project documents.

This project included a complete renovation of interior, exterior, mechanical, electrical and utility components. All defining characteristics of the building were protected from damage during the renovation, such as structural steel rafters, exterior CMU, interior wood roof deck, chimney, and remaining original historic windows.

All non-original windows were removed and replaced. The building exterior was repaired from cracks in the masonry or mortar joint, tuck pointing of the masonry surface, and repair and replacement of stone sills, belt courses, and foundation stones, and repair to fascia’s, soffit, etc. The project site was kept secure for the entirety of construction for the safety of the VA staff and general public.

Veterans Affairs
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