GBA Strategic Leadership Promotions

GBA is proud to announce numerous well-deserved promotions that help complete our new organizational senior-leadership structure.

Senior Vice President Promotions

Les Barnt and John Cooper play a pivotal role in the success of GBA by managing critical functions, including financial oversight, client relations, talent development and succession planning. They promote collaboration between affiliates, markets and regional offices, contributing significantly to GBA’s overall growth. They are leaders who shape the future of GBA through their involvement in serving on the GBA Board of Directors.

Les Barnt – Senior Vice President

Buildings & Site Development

Les is an advocate for GBA’s Life Sciences, Mission Critical, Industrial & Site Development market leaders.

More About Les

John Cooper – Senior Vice President


John is an advocate for GBA’s Transportation, Municipal & Water Environment market leaders.

More About John

Vice President Promotions 

Scott Moeder and Bryan Rasmussen are strategic collaborators who drive growth and foster a culture of excellence in their respective markets. They have a proven track record of creating engaging work environments through employee involvement, training and development initiatives. They partner with other GBA markets and affiliates to position the organization for continued success. Scott and Bryan are exceptional at nurturing client relationships that ensure all GBA’s partnerships are healthy and thriving.

Scott Moeder – Vice President


Scott leads the GBA Transportation teams.

More About Scott

Bryan Rasmussen –  Vice President

Mission Critical | Building Code Services

Bryan leads the GBA Mission Critical, Fire Protection/Life Safety and Building Code Services teams.

More About Bryan

Principal Promotions

The recently promoted Principals initiate growth-orientated strategies with a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration within the organization. They leverage industry relationships to identify project, business opportunities and client satisfaction. They translate strategic visions into actionable plans, prioritizing employee engagement, training and strategic hiring, to foster a culture of excellence and innovation. They work closely with market and affiliate leaders to successfully bring strategic initiatives to fruition, contributing to the organization’s overall success.

Mike Erdtmann – Principal

St. Louis Regional Offices

Mike Erdtmann HeadshotMike oversees GBA’s regional offices in the St. Louis, Missouri area, primarily focused on Transportation projects.

More About Mike

Aaron Frits – Principal

Roadways within Transportation

Bryan leads the GBA Mission Critical, Fire Protection/Life Safety and Building Code Services teams.

More About Aaron

Kurt Hassler – Principal

Omaha Regional Office

Kurt oversees the Omaha, Nebraska regional office, primarily focusing on Water Environment projects.

More About Kurt

Michael Lay – Principal

Site Development & Survey

Michael is responsible for guiding and growing the GBA Site Development and Survey teams.

More About Michael

Holly Lehmkuhl – Principal

Bridge within Transportation

Holly Lehmkuhl HeadshotHolly focuses on strategically expanding Bridge Design and Inspection Services within the GBA Transportation market.

More About Holly

Keri McGill – Principal

Structural Engineering

Keri leads a team of engineers that work on structural projects in Life Sciences, Mission Critical, Industrial and Municipal markets. Keri leads the Risk Management efforts within the GBA Board of Directors.

More About Keri

Frank Phelan – Principal

Austin Regional Offices

Frank oversees GBA’s regional offices in the Austin, Texas area, the company’s largest geographical presence after its headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas. These offices are primarily focused on Infrastructure projects.

More About Frank

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