Stormwater Management and Replacement

GBA’s stormwater management team works with our affiliates and municipalities to focus on alleviating the flooding and pollution associated with stormwater. Our water environment expertise includes analysis, design and permitting, and construction services. GBA has worked on storm drainage-related studies and designs involving:

  • Water quality study and design
  • Stormwater master planning, engineering, replacement, and construction
  • Stream and riverine site evaluation and design
  • Storm sewer study and design
  • Municipal stormwater review
Complete Stormwater Engineering Solutions
Water Quality Study and Design
Stormwater Water Quality Study and Design involves the assessment and analysis of stormwater runoff to determine the presence and concentration of pollutants and the best practices to improve water quality. To accomplish this, GBA provides a variety of solutions like filtration systems and detention basins to capture and treat stormwater runoff before it is discharged into waterways.
Stormwater Master Planning
Stormwater Master Planning is a comprehensive, long-term planning process for managing and improving the quality of stormwater runoff. GBA engineers have decades of experience identifying, assessing, and planning present and future stormwater management needs.
Water Site Reviews
GBA Water Site Reviews assess a site's hydrology, soil conditions, and the proposed development plans. Additionally, GBA's experience water team determines the necessary stormwater management measures to ensure that the site's discharge meets local, state, and federal regulations and water quality standards.
Stormwater Engineering and Construction
GBA Stormwater Engineering and Construction involves the planning, design, and implementation of stormwater management systems. This includes the design and installation of best management practices such as retention ponds, infiltration systems, and erosion control measures, as well as the proper management of construction activities to minimize the impact of stormwater runoff on the environment and nearby waterways.
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