Children’s Hospital, University of Missouri-Columbia

Mu children's hospital building as a 3D rendering. MU Children's hospital construction site with trucks and vehicles.

Project Details

This project consists of a seven-story, plus basement and mechanical penthouse, 324,445-square foot facility constructed on the east side of the Patient Care Tower at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The building has contiguous floors to the Patient Care Tower, which will include separate program elements for supporting Women’s and Children’s Hospital consolidation.

The project includes an elevated skybridge connection to the University Physician’s Medical Building, visually and functionally linking it to the NextGen Precision Health campus area.

A key principle in the initial conceptual design focused on a bed pavilion that delivers high efficiency/high-quality health care, that will have adequate shelled space to provide the ability and flexibility to meet future health care needs of the community.

GBA is serving as coordinator for the University of Missouri building permit services throughout the project.

GBA Services:

  • Establishing procedures to manage the building permit process with the University of Missouri System Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Reviewing plans, specifications and construction documents for compliance with the University of Missouri adopted building codes.
  • Reviewing deferred and construction submittals.
  • Issuing Building Permits.
  • Attending design, pre-construction and coordination meetings.
  • Performing site visit inspections and delivered inspection reports.
  • Issuing Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO)
  • Issuing Final Certificates of Occupancy (FCO)
University of Missouri-Columbia

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