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Perry, Kansas

Project Overview

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) US-24 Bridge Replacement project aimed to make critical infrastructure improvements by replacing a busy bridge and implementing safety enhancements along the shoulders of US-24 in Perry, Kansas. Led by GBA, the phased bridge replacement began in March 2023 and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024. The project also encompassed embankment shoulder work, asphalt pavement replacement over a four-mile stretch of roadway, and the extension of a reinforced concrete box.

GBA’s Involvement

The GBA team inspected the project by documenting daily contractor operations, facilitating pay estimates, conducting field material testing and ensuring strict adherence to KDOT’s specifications and contract compliance protocols. The team’s expertise and experience in transportation infrastructure projects ensured efficient execution.


Why GBA?

GBA’s selection for this project was based on the team’s extensive experience and proven capabilities in the field. GBA assembled a highly skilled inspection staff tailored to meet the project’s unique demands. Our track record of delivering high-quality results and ability to meet project requirements made GBA the preferred choice for KDOT.

Community Impact

The KDOT US-24 Bridge Replacement project will result in safer roadways through widened shoulders and safety improvements. This enhancement will contribute to improved mobility and safety for residents and commuters in the area.

Future Prospects

GBA remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and driving positive change in transportation projects.

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